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Crochet is an ancient art form. Some say its a form of meditation that's beneficial to our health. I enjoy the creative aspect of crochet...when one creates something beautiful and useful from a simple piece of string!

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Friday, August 12, 2016

Friends Of Parkinson's Support Group "CHAIN OF LIFE" Activity with Merri...

Kudos to all of the amazing ladies and gentlemen of the Friends Of Parkinson's Support Group! We finger crocheted a Chain Of Life bracelet and recreated our life story.  Many thanks to the phenomenal Ms. Charmaine Lee for the invite! Many thanks to The Art of Crochets Project's sponsor,  Kimbrell Enterprise! Click this link KIMBRELL ENTERPRISE LINK
The Art of Crochet Project is made possible through The Energy and Arts Church of Healing, a local non profit that's helping to strengthen our communities.