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Friday, June 17, 2016

***Half Price Special on GROUPON - Only $20*** The Art of Crochet Classes


Through The Art Of Crochet Project
*** Half Price GROUPON Special ***
GROUPON Tickets- CLICK HERE- Art of Crochet Class

Luminosity Wellness Center - Luminosity Wellness Center: The Art of Crochet Project for 1 or 2 People at Energy and Arts Church of Healing at Luminosity Wellness Center    
It’s time to relax and tap into your flow of creativity!  We will combine various modalities designed to improve mood, clarity and focus while enjoying the art of crocheting.

Also, you’ll receive a crochet kit that includes a crochet hook, cotton yarn, as well as, a few of my favorite patterns.

This crochet project is made possible by The Energy and Arts Church of Healing “TEACH”, a local nonprofit that’s helping to strengthen our local communities.

Classes Every Wednesday at 6:30 PM - 8:00PM
(Refreshments will be served.)
***Half Price Special on GROUPON - Only $20***
$40 (Covers Materials and  Supplies) LOVE DONATIONS WELCOME
2400 North Tenaya Way  Las Vegas, Nevada 89128  (702) 721-9355