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Stunning Hats by Merri Medley ETSY Shop

Baby Beanie Crochet Tutorial

WWYD... If Your Furbaby Ate A Family Heirloom? If your favorite crocheted afghan is torn, don't throw it away ! Let me fix it. Reasonable rates and reliable service. Here's a list of some of the items I repair: Doilies, Baby Clothing, Blankets & Booties, Stuffed Animals, Couch Pillows, Hats & Scarves, Sweaters & Vests, Afghans & Throws ! Please convo me with pictures of the tear, the specifics such as fiber content and weight of yarn if known.


Something massive is going on with this group, they are talking about activating dormant abilities utilizing ancient and advanced methods. Here's the link ACTIVATING YOUR GREATNESS LINK Let me know what you think, the site has an immense level of resources alone.

Creative Crochet

Kudos to this weeks class! Your crochet designs are exceptional! Many thanks to the Luminosity Wellness Center Las Vegas!

NPWA's June 2016 Event-The Art Of Crochet Project

Kudos to all of the amazing ladies of NPWA! Thank you for having The Art of Crochet Project as your activity! We crocheted beautiful bracelets and necklaces! Many thanks to the phenomenal ladies, Laurie Luckie Nixie and Carol Ann Dechaun for the invite! Many thanks to the NPWA !

Amazing Beginner's Crochet Projects!

Kudos to all of the beginners! Great job! Many thanks to all of our sponsors!!!